Radiation treatment and other services at the ICON Revesby Centre

Staffing of ICON Revesby Centre Radiotherapy

A radiation multidisciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses radiation therapist and medical physics all combine to maximize the experience from all angles. All have a specialized role, all are important and you will meet them on your journey. There is a radiation nurse with a specific interest in skin cancer, a radiation therapist also with a specific interest in skin cancer and specific training for that, and a radiation physicist who will help to design the radiation fields and the appropriate filtration needed.

The ICON Revesby Centre has 2 radiation treatment machines specifically designed for skin.

These machines are:

Superficial 300 – Small agile machine specifically designed for skin. It has a range of kilovoltage (kV) energy treatment options. It offers shorter set up and treatment times without the need for significant immobilization devices like masks. Good for the claustrophobic. Patients can be treated in their wheelchairs and beds so there is no need for painful transfers.

Varian Tru Beam Recently upgraded to deliver better volumetric modulated arc therapy and electron therapies. Electron therapies are excellent for large flat skin surfaces where beam penetration must be kept to a minimum eg large inoperable lesions on lower legs with vascular compromise.

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