Why Choose Radiotherapy

Skin Biopsy Service at ICON Revesby Centre

Skin biopsy results in a histopathology report from a specialist doctor called a dermato-pathologist. Histopathology via skin biopsy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of skin lesions. Are you concerned about a skin lesion that is changing but finding it hard to get a biopsy? It can be difficult for busy doctors to have […]

Radiation treatment and other services at the ICON Revesby Centre

Staffing of ICON Revesby Centre Radiotherapy A radiation multidisciplinary team made up of doctors, nurses radiation therapist and medical physics all combine to maximize the experience from all angles. All have a specialized role, all are important and you will meet them on your journey. There is a radiation nurse with a specific interest in […]

The Radiation Treatment Journey

The journey begins with having a consultation with Prof Fogarty. A referral is needed. A new patient appointment can be made by ringing (+612) 8722 2800 and asking for an appointment with Professor Fogarty.The process of having radiation is that there needs to be an initial consultation with myself so that I decide if radiation […]

Recent improvements in RT have come from better physics and understanding of radiobiology

Biological improvements allow radiotherapy to kill the tumour cells but leave the normal cells unharmed. Radiation needs to be given in small amounts over time in order to deliver an excellent cosmetic and functional outcome. This is called fractionation. Fractionation describes how the total radiation dose is given in smaller partial doses, often daily. Fractionation […]

Comparison of Radiotherapy and surgery

Definitive radiotherapy is like surgery in that they are both local treatments. They have similar cancer control ability, although further prospective comparative study is required. Radiotherapy is different from surgery in a number of ways. Surgery always removes tissue. Radiotherapy always conserves tissue. Tissue conservation leads to a better functional and cosmetic effect. Tissue conservation […]